Connect it 

All our artworks are DMX and OSC compatible and work with WLAN.
You can change single settings with your mobile phone directly or sync them all together with the WLED app.

Our Collection

Fluid Planet

Our Fluid Planets are handmade artworks made with acryl and plex glas.

Fluid Speaker

These unique Fluid Speakers work with Bluetooth and AUX and are compatible with our protocol.

Tetra Light

The Tetra Light is a tetrahedron shaped light modul. The patterns are laser cutted into wood.


This is so far our smallest modul.

Fluid Speaker

Our Fluid Speaker is a bluetooth and AUX compatible speaker as well as a controlable light modul.

Fluid Planet

Our fluid planets are our top sellers.
We are upgrading and enhacing the user experience constantly.Many new features are in work!

Tetra Light

Our Tetra light is a light weight artwork. We were excited of the effects of resin variation and as well of the organic look made by wood and paper.


The most flexible piece in our collection. We were thinking about an easy lightbulp with some sensor which we can use in bigger sculptures. The result is this cute small U.F.O. They have a special athmospere enlighted, with remembering of shiny cristals.

Brain Sphere

The Brainsphere is the origin idea which accompanies us constantly and grows with us in the years of our journey. It comes out in many different faces and everytime we see a new dimension and possibilities.