Our Concept

Interactive, modular sound and light modules.
We want art to be reactive.
We use light, sound and human reactions 
to create a playful experience.

The visual concept is colors, fluid patterns and geometric shapes.
Playful and colorful.

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For the electronic part, we design our own PCBs to make everything fit in size as well as function.

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Our modules should be easy to build up and down or easy to keep safe.Also we needed to think about the materials and methods of manufacture.

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Our own custom software helps us to make the set up with ease.
We created a visual interface with drag and drop. New modules connect automatically with our software.

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Move Capture

At our interactive exhibitions we use a thermal camera to capture the movement of the people.The converted data is then used to send the light information to our modules.The setup is easy to do in our program with drag and drop interface.The auto-connect mode allows any new modul to connect automatically with the program and appears on our screen.