Let's save the world!
Every one!

Please, c
are about your emissions!

Our largest problem on earth is the CO2 in the atmosphere. Our planet can handle 2 tons of CO2 per person every year. So 9 tons to compensated per person. I pay 25€ every month.

Handle your CO2 every month like your mobile contract!

If you find a save-the-world-box you, put coins inside - as much you like - to compare your CO2 emissions.

1€ / 43kg C02
1$ / 108pounds CO2

On average a person in Germany creates around 29KG of CO2 per day. So for only 1€ you handle 1.5 days.

Now you are a part of building an industry to save our climate!

In long term we need a politic that have one rule:
Everyone who made emissions like using water, producing CO2 or plastic have to care about. We created an petition that the politics in Germany decide that companys have to 0 emissions and when they have more, they have to compare.

Playrules Caleidoscope:

If you have inserted a coin, you can play as long as you want! But watch out, if you don't turn the crank, the box will get boring and fall asleep! If you hurry you can wake up the box with the crank!
If the box has fallen asleep, you will be shown the kaleidoscopes of the top 10 players!
If you also get into the Top 10, there will be fireworks before you can see your own playing pattern in the Top 10!
Your light is the one on the right where "DU" are. This is changing the colors in the game and differs from the others. This moves further and further to the left, into the top 10, as soon as you have played longer with the box than one of the top 10! Your light in the top 10 gets an individual color and pulse that depends on your playing time.

31.01.2019 Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.
At the Kunst für die Umwelt - KufU excebition the save the world box handled 390kg CO2 by the playing people!

26.02.2019 Beate Uwe
We were just a week at the beate uwe and the playing people handled 520kg CO2!!! We are so proud of it!

17.05.2019 Borderline in Polygon
Wow 320kg CO2 handled in just one event!

26.07.19 - 28.07.19 SNNTG Festival Wehmingen

We are so proud! 1.610 kg CO2 would be handled by the People of SNNTG Festival!